New Star Wars Toys Let You Build Your Own Droid and Fight With Lightsabers in AR (Watch)

Littlebits Droid
Courtesy of Littlebits

Force Friday is back: Disney and Lucasfilm have once again teamed up with a number of  companies to release Star Wars-themed toys ahead of the premiere date of the latest installment of the cult franchise. In addition to the obligatory action figures for collectors, this time around, there are also a number of toys with a decidedly high-tech bend.

The Droid Inventor Kit from Littlebits gives young tinkerers all they need to build their own R2-D2 or customize their own droid, complete with the ability to remote control it from a phone, and sensors that add some semi-autonomous functionality. What’s more, there’s even a Force Mode that makes it possible to control the motion of the little bots with, you guessed it, the Force. The Littlebits Droid Inventor Kit costs $100 and is available immediately at Apple Stores, Walmart and Disney stores as well as on Amazon.com and Littlebits.com.


Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, from Disney and Lenovo, is a smart phone-powered augmented reality headset that lets you fight Kylo Ren and other sinister characters with a lightsaber, right in your own living room. The headset essentially works a bit like a Google Cardboard, except it doesn’t obscure your view on your surroundings, but superimposes images on a see-through display. The headset also offers the ability to play other Star Wars-themed games, including Holochess. Star Wars: Jedi Challenges costs $200, and can be pre-ordered starting this Friday.

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