Sony is the latest company to reduce the price of its virtual reality (VR) headset before the holiday season: Sony’s PlayStation VR will sell bundled with the PlayStation Camera for $399 starting next month, the company announced Monday.

A bundle that includes the headset, the camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, and the PlayStation VR Worlds title will cost $449. That’s a discount of $50 in both cases. Sony originally introduced the PlayStation VR headset with a retail price of $399, but sold the PlayStation Camera that’s necessary to run any VR experiences separately. Now, all packages will have the camera in the box.

This latest price cut comes just a week after HTC gave its Vive VR headset a $200 price cut, reducing the retail price from $799 to $599. Last month, Facebook announced that it was permanently cutting the price of its Oculus Rift headset to $499.

These significant price reductions could help boost sales of VR during the upcoming holiday season, especially after high prices held back sales last year. HTC and Oculus have yet to announce sales numbers, but third-party estimates pegged the number of headsets sold by both companies together last year below 700,000 units. Sony recently announced that it had sold 1 million PlayStation VR headsets.