Sony is getting ready to introduce a revamped version of its PlayStation VR headset that will feature integrated earbuds and some changes to the way it handles HDR video. The new revision will cost the same as the existing PlayStation VR headset; there’s no word yet on when exactly it will be available.

Sony announced the new hardware revision, which comes with the model number CUH-ZVR2, on its PlayStation blog Monday. In addition to integrated earbuds, the hardware will also feature a new, slimmer connection cable.

Along with that cable, the hardware is getting a new processor unit. That small box, which sits between the headset and the PlayStation 4, has been updated to allow HDR pass through.

Currently, PlayStation VR users have to disconnect the headset and plug their PlayStation directly into their TV to enjoy HDR games and videos. With the new processor unit, they’ll only have to turn off the headset to do the same. However, users won’t be able to just get a new processor unit for their existing headsets top achieve the same.

Sony’s PlayStation VR has by far been the most successful high-end VR headset. The company announced in June that it had sold over one million headsets since the launch of the device a year ago. However, this holiday season, Sony is facing some increased competition from Oculus and HTC, which both significantly lowered the prices of their VR hardware to attract additional buyers.

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