Sony Debuts ‘Clean Version’ of 24 Movies, But Seth Rogen’s Not a Fan

Sony Clean Version movies

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has launched a “clean version” initiative allowing viewers to screen edited versions of two dozen Sony films.

The studio is making the broadcast TV or airline version of these 24 titles available when a consumer purchases a film in its original form on iTunes, Vudu, and FandangoNOW.

Seth Rogen, who produced and starred in Sony’s “The Interview” and “Sausage Party,” objected to the initiative following Tuesday’s announcement, tweeting a profanity-laden response.

“Holy sh– please don’t do this to our movies. Thanks,” Rogen wrote.

“The Clean Version allows viewing for a wider audience, giving people the chance to watch their favorite films together,” Sony said. “Clean Version movies can be accessed with purchase of the theatrical versions.”

The films include all five versions of “Spider-Man” along with “50 First Dates,” “Battle Of The Year,” “Big Daddy,” “Captain Phillips,” “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,” “Easy A,” “Elysium,” “Ghostbusters,” “Ghostbusters II,” “Goosebumps,” “Grown Ups,” “Grown Ups 2,” “Hancock,” “Inferno,” “Moneyball,” “Pixels,” “Step Brothers,”
“Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” and “White House Down.”

The move comes six months after family-friendly filtering service VidAngel bowed to a federal judge’s order and shut down its site completely. Judge Andre Birotte ordered the company to cease operations on Dec. 12, issuing an injunction at the request of Disney, Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox, which have complained that the service was pirating their content.

The news was first reported by Yahoo Movies.

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  1. Frank Burgess says:

    JUST WHAT my 77 year old cinema saturated mind was praying to have happen! I have worked in the entertainment field (animation) and know how bruising it is to work around fowl language and lewd people who DO NOT respect YOUR need to work hard and long with a need to feel some human decency still exists. I applaud SONY and see NO reason why ANYONE would want to stifle this beautiful idea,.. as it gives more of us the need to see a rated R or even NOW a PG13 (which can nowadays include the F-bomb!!) for the fabulous filming, fright, and exciting movie it STILL can be with the disgusting expletives cut out. NC17 used to be the R and PG13 movies of today. Let there be 2 versions made in the first place,.. AVATAR did it! with a separate cleaned up soundtrack choice alongside of the other 2, in a BluRay release that made it just as fabulous with milder swear words coming out of the actors mouths.

  2. Major Wootton says:

    Customer choice. Makes sense to me.

  3. Chad Heath says:

    This is so great! Thank you Sony! For all of those of you who are complaining, why??? They’re not taking away anything from you. You still get to watch the movies with all of the original content, so I don’t see why you’d have a problem with other people that want to filter out the “token F-bomb” out of every PG-13 movie that they’re watching with their kids, or any other unnecessary part of a good movie. Nothing changes for you, but it opens up many great options for us, so we’d really appreciate your understanding.

  4. isaac says:

    Sony is very smart to do this, and the rest of Hollywood should get a clue! Streamed movies with the option of filtering, are the wave of the future. There is no good reason whatsoever why people shouldn’t be able to filter the movies that they watch.

  5. Paul Feig says:

    Wait, what? Goosebumps? There was adult content in Goosebumps to warrant a ‘Clean’ version?

    Who’s bright idea is this? Mothers against drunk drivers?

  6. Jeger says:

    I think it is a great idea to offer edited movies. We don’t need all the skin, sex, gore etc. to enjoy a movie. I have watched a number of edited movies using Clean Flicks, Clear Play and VidAngel. I prefer to watch them that way and not be bombarded with things I don’t want to see or hear.

  7. Installments of Spider-Man, not versions.

  8. Leon says:

    Its bad enough every thing seems to be Super PC these days but the is the last straw. This is censorship. Nazism! We are a free country and this is what you give me. Its bad enough we cant get the rated R movies we should get and now these PG movies are being changed??!?!?! If you touch gremlins I will lose it. Seriously can we get an injection to stop these losers from ruining movies even more. What has happened to you Hollywood. Talk about a nation of snowflakes.

  9. Leon says:

    Nope! Sorry Sony you now going to be boycotted.

  10. Dr H says:

    This is such non-news. These edited version have been on airplanes and TV for years and Rogen nor anyone else got their panties in a twist over it. People who like to hear profanity and see strangers naked can continue to do so. Those who like their storytelling free from such things can now do it without boarding a plane or waiting for a TV schedule. No need for anyone to call anyone names.

  11. KBJ says:

    Great idea! I dont want to have to kick my kid out of the room evertime i want to watch my favorite comedy. These are the same versions they already show on TBS, FX, etc so its not censoring the movie. You still have a choice to watch the original.

  12. The producers should boycott Sony.

  13. Spencer says:

    Brilliant move by Sony. There’s definitely a market for these edited versions.

  14. Oh, Americans are such delicate flowers. They need to have their product censored for them to protect themselves. From the country that had a nervous breakdown over the less than a second exposure of a woman’s breast.

  15. Janet Welsch says:

    Seems like Seth Rogen would welcome a potentially wider audience for his crappy films in which he plays the exact same character over and over again.

  16. Clarke says:

    OUTSTANDING IDEA! Thank you Sony!

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