Sonos is inviting journalists to a press event on Oct. 4 in New York, where the company is poised to introduce a voice-activated speaker with integrated microphones. The company didn’t spell out its announcement plans in the invite, but it didn’t have to: the impending had already been revealed by a FCC filing Monday.

In that filing, Sonos had accidentally failed to redact key details about an upcoming device, stating that it would come with “integrated voice control functionality with far field microphones. Moreover, the device will support multiple voice platforms and music services, allowing customers to effortlessly control their music on Sonos.” The filing was first reported by Zatztnotfunny.com.

The site was also able to unearth a mock-up of the speaker’s touch interface, parts of which Sonos chose to include in its email invite as well.

Sonos has long been looking to catch up with Amazon’s Echo and similar voice-activated speakers. The company struck a partnership with Amazon last year to let consumers control their Sonos speakers with the help of an Amazon Echo, a feature that is still in private beta testing.

However, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence also told Variety earlier this year that the company would eventually build its own hardware with integrated microphones as well. Recent changes to the company’s privacy policy suggested that the launch of such a product could be imminent.