Snapchat is using image recognition technology for some of its latest photo filters: Snapchat’s app will now automatically analyze the content of your photos and suggest relevant filters for a variety for contexts. The new filters were first spotted by Mashable, and have since been confirmed by the company.

Some of the categories that can be identified by Snapchat include pets, beaches, concerts, food and more. For instance, if a  Snapchat user takes a photo of their dog, the app may suggest a filter that proclaims “It’s a pawtie!” A photo of a plate full of food may prompt a suggestion for a filter asking “What diet?”

Snapchat could ultimately use the same technology to find relevant ads, or suggest branded or sponsored filters to users. Snapchat corporate parent Snap Inc. filed a patent for ads powered by image recognition two years ago, according to Mashable.

Snap isn’t the only company banking on image recognition to make for smarter mobile apps. Google announced a new feature called Lens earlier this year that adds image recognition to its mobile assistant, allowing users to scan products, recognize objects and more with their phone’s camera. Lens was fist announced at Google’s developer conference in May, and has reportedly arrived on some Android phones this month.