The latest integration between Snapchat and Bitmoji is now bringing the uniquely cartooned avatars to life.

Bitmoji first joined Snapchat in summer 2016, where users could link their personalized emoji to snaps. While the initial feature only incorporated still photos of Bitmoji in different settings, the new element — 3D Bitmoji World Lenses — brings animated dramatizations to the stickers.

The 3D component will be available on Thursday to Snapchat users with a Bitmoji app linked to Snapchat on iOS and Android.

Users can unlock the World Lenses by scrolling through the lens carousel on the rear-facing Snapchat camera. From there, 3D Bitmojis infiltrate the screen identified by an icon that represents each setting. To use, Snapchatters point their camera at a surface to place their bitmoji and see it animate with a short scene.

Snapchatters can direct the animated scenes by scaling, moving, or walking around the 3D experiences before sending footage to friends or posting them to their story. The new animation works in tandem with the recently released multi-Snap feature avaialbe on iOS, which allows recordings longer than the standard 10 seconds allotted.

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