Snapchat corporate parent Snap Inc. sold fewer than 42,000 of its Spectacles during the three months ending on June 30, the company revealed during its Q2 earnings call on Thursday.

During that call, CFO Drew Vollero said that Snap had generated a total of $5.4 million in its “other” revenue segment — a catch-all for non-advertising revenue that is primarily driven by sales of the $130 Spectacles wearable.

Snapchat sold an estimated 62,000 Spectacles during Q1 of 2017. This means that sales declined by roughly a third.

The company first introduced Spectacles in fall of 2016, and initially only sold the product through a limited number of vending machines placed in key cities. Earlier this year, Snap began selling Spectacles to all U.S. consumers via its website, and in June, it began selling the wearable in Europe via its website and vending machines as well.

Snap made this disclosure as it reported another quarter of lower-than-expected earnings results, resulting in investors sending its stock down close to 17% in after-hours trading.