Here’s one way to parlay internet fame into cash: Get a gig with a traditional media company to help it figure out what works on social networks.

Shaun McBride, a popular Snapchat creator better known by his online handle Shonduras, has signed an exclusive one-year deal with Viacom to serve as a creative strategy consultant for the conglomerate’s Viacom Velocity marketing and branded-content group.

McBride’s first project under the Viacom pact will be serving as a special social correspondent for MTV’s “Woodies” awards at SXSW on March 16. That will be followed with a shoot from the set of “Adam Carolla & Friends Build Stuff Live!” on Spike (soon to be rebranded as Paramount Network) that McBride will distribute across his social media accounts.

The 29-year-old Utah native became one of Snapchat’s first breakout stars with his signature finger drawings. In 2015, he launched YouTube channel with a daily vlog that has pulled in 1 million subscribers in just over a year, and Shonduras now has more than 2 million followers across social platforms.

McBride has executed branded-content campaigns for numerous clients, including Disney, AT&T, Samsung, Red Bull, Taco Bell and AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

“I jumped at the opportunity to work with Viacom because I’m genuinely a longtime fan of their shows and talent that shape pop culture, and I see how the Velocity team translates that energy to make the best creative branded content out there,” McBride said in a statement.

As a creative strategy consultant for Viacom Velocity, McBride will produce original and branded content; provide consulting on campaigns for Viacom advertising partners, with all collaborative pitches bearing the “Approved By Shonduras” stamp; and help Velocity develop best practices to increase fan engagement and growth on YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well as for emerging technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality.

McBride “has an innate ability to craft stories across various social platforms that create meaningful interactions with fans, and this aligns perfectly with what we do at Viacom Velocity where we make powerful connections among our fans, content, and marketing partners,” added Thomas De Napoli, senior director of content and platform strategy for Viacom Velocity.

Viacom said the Velocity group will continue to recruit social influencers for specific campaigns.