Shania Twain — on the heels of releasing “Now,” her first studio album in 15 years — is making a guest appearance in free-to-play simulation and home-decorating mobile game “Home Street.”

Twain’s animated character will appear in “Home Street” throughout November. The in-game character will lead players through stories, while two music videos from her new album will play on a special billboard in the game. Twain also will participate in a special in-game Q&A where players can submit questions for her to answer.

In addition, players will be able to purchase exclusive Shania Twain outfit items and an interactive guitar for their own characters to use in the game, with bundles starting at $4.99.

The game comes from London-based game developer Supersolid, which brought the Canadian country-music star into the game in partnership with her label, Universal Music Group Nashville. Twain marks the first guest celebrity in “Home Street,” and Supersolid plans to introduce other content in the game each month featuring other celebrities, as well as films, books, design and fashion.

Twain’s new studio album “Now” has topped charts in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia since its Sept. 29 release. Over her career, Twain has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide.

Supersolid released “Home Street” on Oct. 12 and has been downloaded nearly 4 million times since then, according to the company. The game, which Supersolid said has been two years in development, lets players create their own characters and design their dream homes. Other titles from Supersolid include “Super Penguins,” “Adventure Town” and “Food Street.”

The partnership between Twain and Supersolid was brokered by Universal Music Group and Brands, UMG’s in-house brand division. “Home Street” is available free to download on Apple’s App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.