Rob Schneider is currently the butt of the joke on Twitter after he blocked fellow comic Seth Rogen for an unknown reason over the weekend. In turn, multiple other comedians responded to his social media faux pas as they do best: Comically.

Rogen first noticed he had been blocked by the “Real Rob” star early Saturday morning, simply tweeting, “What the f–k?!”

Never ones to pass up a good pile-on, comedians like Ike Barinholtz, Kumail Najiani, and Moshe Kasher decided to troll Schneider back in return. Najiani even highlighted the “Sandy Wexler” actor’s notorious Donald Trump leanings with a screenshot.


Some celebrities like Nikki Glaser, Andy Cohen, and Ron Funches simply took the opportunity to join in on the laughter.


Rogen then took the bit a step further, tweeting a suspicious, close-up second image of Schneider and his family.

“Why does he seem so appalled to be sitting with his own family,” Rogen mocked.

Michael Ian Black led the trolling on the second photo, poking fun at both Rogen’s photography skills and Schneider’s puzzling pose.


For his part, Schneider has yet to address the insults from Rogen and his fellow comedians. His most recent tweet is far more politically inspired. “I just wish debate & dissent & persuasion was used in Gov’y & by main stream media!” he wrote.


Despite their similar occupations, Rogen and Schneider have not worked together.