Samsung is getting ready to release a new version of its Gear 360 spherical video camera, if recent filings with the Federal Communications Commission are any indication.

A filing for a new version of the camera, which uses the model number SM-R210, popped up in the FCC’s equipment authorization database Wednesday. We’ll likely hear more details when Samsung announces its new flagship phones later this month. A Samsung spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Samsung first released the Gear 360 as a consumer-grade camera for capturing  360 video last summer. The existing model is capable of capturing 360 4K video, and can be controlled from your smart phone.

Videos can be transferred to compatible Samsung phones or a Windows-only desktop editing software. Reviewers of the 2016 model noted limited compatibility as well as slow WiFi transfer rates as some of the downsides of the camera.

The documents Samsung filed with the FCC are heavily redacted, so we don’t quite know what’s new about the revised Gear 360 — but the fact that the company filed these documents now suggests that we may find out soon. Last year, reports pointed to improved video and audio recording capabilities.

Samsung recently previewed a new version of its Gear VR headset, which now comes with a handheld controller as opposed to the integrated touch pad present in previous versions. The new Gear VR headset is expected to be fully announced when the company is going to unveil the next version of its flagship phones on March 29. It’s likely that Samsung would announce the new Gear 360 camera at that time as well.