Roku Senior VP Steve Shannon Departing, Scott Rosenberg Promoted to GM of Platform Business

Roku headquarters
Shutterstock / jejim

Longtime Roku GM/senior VP content & services Steve Shannon is leaving the company by the end of the year, Roku announced this week. His responsibilities are being taken over by fellow Roku veteran Scott Rosenberg, who is going to hold the title of GM of platform business going forward.

Shannon had been with Roku since 2012, and previously worked for Rovi as exec VP & GM product development, according to his Linkedin profile. “Steve joined Roku in the early days of our monetization strategy and was instrumental in developing key advertising, content and services initiatives as well as recruiting top talent like Scott,” said Roku CEO Anthony Wood in a statement. “We are grateful for the contributions Steve made and wish him the very best as he moves on to his next great adventure.”

Even before joining Roku, Shannon had long been part of a small circle of close confidants surrounding Wood. Both co-founded a startup that developed the original multimedia authoring tool Dreamweaver all the way back in 1995, and Shannon also joined Wood at ReplayTV, where they debuted one of the first DVRs.

Rosenberg joined Roku in 2012 to build out the company’s advertising business, which has since become its main money-maker. He previously co-founded and led a mobile advertising startup, and before that worked as VP of advanced advertising for Rovi.