Videos are coming to Reddit, thanks to a new feature that allows users to upload video clips directly to the service. Reddit rolled out the new video feature Tuesday after testing it with around 200 communities over the past couple of weeks.

“We are very excited to be launching video uploading and video viewing on Reddit,” said Reddit VP of product Alex Le in an interview with Variety.

Reddit users are now able to upload videos of up to 15 minutes in length, with file sizes being limited to 1 gigabyte. Users will be able to upload videos via Reddit’s website and its mobile apps for iOS and Android, with the latter offering basic trimming functionality as well. And, in keeping with the spirit of the site, Reddit is also offering a conversion tool to turn videos into animated Gifs.

Videos are being displayed persistently, or pinned, meaning that users can scroll through the comments while the video keeps playing in the corner of their screen. And community moderators can opt not to allow videos in their Subreddits at all, with Le arguing that some discussion-heavy Subreddits may decide that the format just doesn’t work for them.

The launch of native video on Reddit comes after the site added native image hosting a little over a year ago. The company learned from that roll-out to work with its communities and respond to their feedback — which is why it tested native video in communities first that had requested an easier way to post videos. “They asked,” Le said.

Another reason Reddit is adding native video to Reddit is interest from brands, and the money that may come with that — which inevitably leads to another avenue of monetization: video advertising.

Reddit has already been experimenting with video ad formats; video product manager Emon Motamedi said that at launch, the new native videos won’t have any ads attached to them, but he wouldn’t rule out pre-rolls or similar formats for the future. “That is something we will evaluate going forward,” he said.