Twitter-owned Periscope really wants its broadcasters to embrace paid gifting. Going forward, Periscope won’t take a cut out of any earnings made with the company’s “Super Hearts” gifting program anymore, safe for a small administrative fee. And until the end of the year, Periscope is promising broadcasters who get tons of paid Super Hearts extra cash bonuses.

Periscope first introduced Super Hearts in June as a way for viewers to show their appreciation to broadcasters, and also get a little bit of extra attention. Super Heart gifters are automatically added to a live broadcast’s leaderboard, and some Super Hearts can be personalized with the gifter’s own photo. Super Hearts are bought with an in-app currency, and can cost roughly between $0.03 to $0.10.

Periscope Super Hearts

Broadcasters can accumulate the value of these super hearts, and cash them out as soon as they reach a one-time threshold of $120. Periscope used to split all earnings 70/30 with broadcasters, but now decided to send all of the money directly to broadcasters, save for a $1 administrative fee per monthly payment as well as any fees charged by app store operators.

Periscope is also sweetening the deal with extra bonuses over the next two months. The company is promising broadcasters who earn around $1000 worth of Super Hearts during either month a $100 bonus. Anyone who earns about $3000 worth of Super Hearts will get an additional $250 bonus.

Periscope has yet to release any actual data on the success of Super Hearts, but the company said Wednesday that it had been “overwhelmed by the love people have shared on Periscope” since the introduction of the program.