Netflix Stock Up Despite ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Leak; Hackers Threaten Further Action

Orange is the New Black Season
Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix’s investors apparently weren’t too bothered by this weekend’s “Orange Is the New Black” leak, and sent the company’s stock up more than 3 percent Monday. The hackers behind the leak meanwhile threatened further action as well.

Netflix’s stock broke new records Monday morning, shooting up as high as $157.38, and gaining more than 3 percent compared to Friday’s closing price. That’s despite the fact that a hacker or group of hackers going by the name of TheDarkOverlord leaked 10 episodes of the still-unreleased 5th season of “Orange Is the New Black” early Saturday morning following a security breach at a third-party vendor.

The show was apparently released after Netflix failed to respond to a blackmail attempt, with TheDarkOverlord demanding payments via the crypto-currency Bitcoin to not release the content. Investors may like the fact that Netflix apparently didn’t give in to the hackers’ ransom demands, and there may be a sense that the leak of these ten episodes won’t materially impact the company.

Then again, TheDarkOverlord doesn’t seem to be done. “It’s nearly time to play another round,” it tweeted on Monday morning, suggesting that we may see additional leaks in the coming days.


The group told DataBreaches.net that it got its hands on 3 dozen additional movies and TV shows as part of the same hack, with titles including ABC’s “The Catch,” NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” CBS’ “NCIS Los Angeles,” and Fox’s “New Girl.”