Facebook-owned Oculus is permanently reducing the price of its Oculus Rift headset with the introduction of a new Rift + Touch bundle for $499 later this summer. However, consumers will be able to pick up the same hardware for $399 during the next few weeks.

Oculus announced a “summer of Rift” sales event earlier this week, temporarily reducing the price of the Rift + Touch bundle to $399, and also cutting the price of more than 60 VR games and experiences. That special price is only good for 60 days. After that, Oculus will start selling the same hardware for $499.

That’s $100 less than what the same hardware cost before this week’s price cut, and significantly below the introductory pricing for Rift and Touch. Oculus started to sell its VR headset for $600 when it first introduced it a little over  a year ago. Consumers had to shell out another $200 for Touch controllers when they finally became available late last year.

However, anyone looking to get their own Rift headset still needs a high-end gaming PC capable of running VR games and experiences. These machines typically sell for anywhere from $800 to $1500.

This kind of premium pricing is one of the reasons that VR hardware sales were lagging in 2016. Oculus is widely believed to have sold just a few hundred thousand headsets. Sony announced in June that it had sold a total of 1 million of its cheaper PSVR headset.