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Ottawa-based consumer electronics upstart Nuvyyo released a new incarnation of its Tablo DVR for cord cutters Wednesday that makes use of Nvidia’s Shield TV game console to record and play programming from broadcasters like ABC, CBS and NBC. Tablo first previewed this product, which is now called Tablo Engine, at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Nvidia Shield owners do need to buy a special USB tuner from the company that’s necessary to connect an over-the-air antenna to the game console. After that, they can download a free Android app from the Google Play store to their Nvidia Shield to use the device as a DVR and record live television, as well as schedule recordings, much like one might do with a cable company DVR.

Nuvyyo is best known for its standalone networked DVRs, which can be used to record broadcast TV and then stream it to any mobile or TV-connected device. The company has released apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku, just to name a few, to give cord cutters an option to still access broadcast network programming.

Nuvyyo’s new Tablo Engine app for the Nvidia Shield is a bit simpler to use in that it doesn’t require consumers to stream programming over their local network. However, it also comes without an option to stream recordings to mobile devices and other TVs, making it a bit less powerful than the original Tablo.

To make up for this deficit, Nuvyyo is giving consumers a cut on the monthly fee the company is charging to access the programming guide data necessary to schedule recordings. Users of Tablo’s existing devices have to pay $5 per month for this data; Tablo engine users get six free months after purchasing the company’s USB tuner, and subsequently have to pay $4 per month.

Nuvyyo is one of a handful of companies looking to capitalize on the availability of HD over-the-air broadcast feeds with DVRs re-imagined for cord cutters. One of its competitors is Plex, whose DVR feature works on the Nvidia Shield as well.