Bay Area-based virtual reality (VR) startup Nomadic has raised a $6 million round of seed funding led by Horizons Ventures, with participation from Maveron, Presence Capital, Vulcan Capital, and Verus International.

Nomadic is focused on location-based VR, and aims to launch VR centers in malls and theaters. The company is focusing on modular sets to make it easy to quickly switch out experiences — much in the same way a theater may replace movies every couple of weeks.

The company came out of stealth in March, and first demonstrated its technology at CinemaCon in Las Vegas the following month. It has seen a lot of interest from both location and content partners since, said Nomadic’s head of growth Kalon Gutierrez during a recent interview with Variety. “Now, we’re in discussions with location partners that have hundreds of locations, both domestically and globally.”

Nomadic is also in discussions with multiple studios, said CEO Doug Griffin. “We’ve heard this over and over and over from studios, that location-based is becoming part of their strategy.”

Nomadic isn’t the only company building locations for virtual reality entertainment. Imax launched a first VR center in Los Angeles earlier this year, and announced the launch of a new VR center in New York this week. And location-based VR startup The Void plans to open multiple new locations this year.