Nintendo’s new Switch convertible game console has been available for sale since the end of last week, but reviews of the device are still trickling out, for good reasons: Some reviewers are taking their time to properly vet the device, and in some cases even changing their minds after first patches were released.

Overall, there are a lot of positive impressions, with reviewers taking a liking to the idea of being able to play games both on their TV and on the go. But some have serious reservations about certain aspects of the hardware as well as a limited game line-up at launch.

For a good look at different opinions about the device, as well as some in-depth coverage of the Switch’s features, check out these four reviews:

The Verge reviewer Ross Miller dutifully noted a few shortcomings of the console in his Switch review, with include not supporting Netflix or web browsing, as well as limited third-party game support at launch. “The company has, for roughly a decade, struggled with rallying third-party publisher interest,” he pointed out. Still, Miller really seemed to like the device a lot, calling it “Nintendo’s best hardware ever.” Read why he deemed it better than the Wii, DS and Gameboy on The Verge.

Devindra Hardawar at Engadget noted that the Switch’s screen didn’t perform all too well with even just “a hint of sun in the sky”: “Compared with the displays we’re seeing on modern phones and tablets today, the Switch is noticeably inferior.” He also pointed to battery issues, writing that he could only play the device’s launch title “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” for about 2.5 hours on the go before the Switch had to be recharged. Impressed by other parts of the hardware, Hardawar still seemed unconvinced. “Nintendo has wowed us again, but it still has a long way to go to prove that the Switch isn’t another Wii U.” Read his entire review, including a comparison to potential competitors, on Engadget.

Chris Kohler over at Wired expressed frustration about some of the hardware issues that plague the Switch in these early days, including a bug that made it hard to keep the device’s wireless game controllers connected. He also lamented its limited online capabilities, including missing messaging functionality:”It feels pretty ridiculous to have a friends list on a console but not be able to message or chat with them.” Kohler also liked “Zelda,” but cautioned any potential buyers: “You should be aware that you’re likely participating in an expensive beta test for a product that’ll fully roll out in the fall.” Read the rest of his take on Wired.com.

Tom’s Hardware’s Sherri L. Smith on the other hand gave the Switch a thumbs-up, writing that she hated Nintendo’s last couple of hardware products. “That changes with the Nintendo Switch,” she wrote, calling the device “a truly innovative product.” Smith particularly liked hardware features like the Switch’s detachable controllers and the simplicity of the conversion process that turns the handheld into a TV-connected game console. “Nintendo turned me back into a believer. As a gaming console, I’m impressed by the Switch’s sturdy build, ease of use and innovative versatility,” she wrote. Read her entire review on Tom’s Hardware.