Netflix’s streaming service is available on hundreds of devices. But the company is again highlighting an elite group of connected-TV partners that have integrated features going above and beyond — to make watching Netflix faster, simpler and more convenient.

The initial wave of 2017 Netflix-recommended TVs comes from three partners: LG 4K Ultra HD TVs with WebOS 3.5; Samsung 7, 8, 9 and Q-series Smart TVs; and Sony’s 2017 Android TVs.

It’s the third year Netflix is bestowing a seal of approval on the top tier of connected televisions. Again, the company’s goal is to provide a carrot to consumer-electronics makers to incorporate features that will make users more likely to click on — and watch — Netflix content.

To meet Netflix’s 2017 recommended-TV standards, manufacturers must meet five of seven criteria. Most critically, the TVs must be able to power on and let users launch Netflix (or other internet TV apps) within a few seconds — “just like your smartphone,” Netflix says — and they must let users toggle among apps and live TV “almost instantly.”

Other criteria for the Netflix TV program: rendering the Netflix interface with 1080p HD high-resolution graphics and text; ensuring Netflix has prominent placement in the TV menu to be easily accessible; whether the smart TV includes a “Netflix” button on the remote that can turn on the TV and directly launch into the Netflix app; whether the device comes with the latest version of Netflix and includes its newest features; and whether the TV “remembers” the last state it was left in to power-on to the same place as when it was turned off.

The LG, Samsung and Sony TVs that comply with the 2017 Netflix Recommended TV criteria will be in all countries where the streaming service is available, although specific model availability varies by region. Netflix said it will add more TV models and brands as they become available and are certified for the 2017 program.