Twitch is back at it again with the stunt programming.

Over a six-day stretch, 38 episodes of B-movie riffing comedy “Mystery Science Theater 3000” will live-stream on the Amazon-owned video game broadcasting service. The marathon kicks off June 26 at 11 a.m. PT and ends July 3 on the Twitch channel of Shout! Factory TV (twitch.tv/shoutfactorytv), which acquired the global rights to “MST3K” in 2015.

The cult-favorite show, which aired on Comedy Central and Sci-Fi Channel from 1989 to 1997 for a total of 197 episodes, gained new currency after Netflix revived the franchise for an 11th season, which debuted in April.

Shout! Factory plans to stream other shows from its library on Twitch later this year, but the company didn’t reveal titles.

Twitch’s “MST3K” marathon is its latest multi-day streaming event of old shows with niche-y and kitschy appeal. The site has featured marathons of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage with Carl Sagan,” Julia Child’s “The French Chef,” “The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross” and “Power Rangers.”

The point: to highlight Twitch’s ambitions of becoming a home for more than just live video-game action. Twitch refers to itself as a “social video platform,” letting viewers chat in real-time in a window next to the video.

In “MST3K,” created by Joel Hodgson, a man trapped by mad scientists on a satellite is forced to watch some of the worst B-movies ever created. To maintain his sanity, he builds two robot sidekicks, and the trio affectionately mock the terrible films in a running commentary.

“Because ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ mirrors the viewing experience on Twitch — given that the show is all about people watching other people and making comments — it is right in the wheelhouse of our viewers and should make for a memorable communal event,” said Ben Vallat, Twitch’s VP of business development.