McJuggerNuggets, a top YouTuber who generated more than 1 billion views from videos about his supposedly dysfunctional and violent family, admitted last year that the entire drama was completely fake.

Now McJuggerNuggets (real name: Jesse Ridgway) and his family are the subject of Complex Networks’ Rated Red original documentary series “Psycho Family,” which will premiere Monday, April 3, on Verizon’s Go90 mobile-video service. The film chronicles the fallout after Ridgway disclosed to viewers in June 2016 that the escalating family conflict was fictional.

“I never lied. I was playing a character. It was not myself,” Ridgway, 24, said in a statement. “It was acting. It was not a lie. I never lied. Never once… I don’t think there was anything wrong with it. I am done with the series. The videos were fake. It’s finished.”

The “Psycho Series” on McJuggerNuggets’ YouTube channel has produced more than 1.2 billion views over 684 episodes, and had been the source of long-running speculation about whether the events were real or fake. The Go90 series, which is 90 minutes long total and broken into 11 installments, will provide never-before-seen footage and the first interview with fellow YouTuber Brian Spitz about the internet series.

Jesse — along with his father, Jeffrey Ridgway Sr., his brother Jeffrey Ridgway Jr., his mother Theresa and Uncle Larry — created the YouTube series together, the documentary reveals. In the “Psycho Series,” Jesse’s conflict with his father began with McJuggerNuggets’ gaming addiction, leading Jesse go “psychotic,” ultimately “murdering” him on camera and fleeing to Switzerland.

As a result, confused fans made some 1,000 calls to police to report the incidents on the McJuggerNuggets channel. There were also 20 cases of “swatting,” in which members of Jesse’s family were held at gunpoint in real life as a consequence of the series.

“Psycho Family’ is executive produced by Studio71’s Dan Weinstein and John Fitzpatrick, and Evan Weiss serves as producer for Red Sun Entertainment. Jesse Ridgway and the rest of the family, who live in southern New Jersey, are slated to appear at the premiere of the documentary on April 3 at New York City’s Bryant Park Hotel; info on attending the event is available here.

Watch the trailer for “Psycho Family”: