Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg denied speculation that he might prepare a run for president, telling BuzzFeed that he was instead “focused on building our community at Facebook and working on the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.”

Speculation about a possible run for office was fanned in part by Zuckerberg’s own statements. Earlier this year, he wrote that he planned to “meet people in every state in the U.S. by the end of the year” in an attempt to “hear from lots of folks from all different parts of the country.”

Those trips, which already began in 2016, would include “stops in small towns and universities, visits to our offices across the country, meetings with teachers and scientists,” Zuckerberg wrote on his public Facebook page.

Soon after, Bloomberg reported that Zuckerberg’s Facebook page is actually closely curated by a team of employees, who are tasked with weeding out harassing comments as well as writing and editing his Facebook posts.

The story also revealed that Zuckerberg’s photos are produced by professional photographers, including Charles Ommanney, who previously covered the White House for Newsweek. And then there was the hire of David Plouffe, who ran President Obama’s 2008 campaign and now helps Zuckerberg with his Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

However, BuzzFeed reported Tuesday that a source close to Zuckerberg also strongly denied any presidential aspirations. Zuckerberg may decide to become more vocal on political issues, that source claimed, but he had no plans to step away from Facebook.