Mark Hamill Reads Donald Trump’s Tweets About Meryl Streep, as the Joker

Mark Hamill
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television

Mark Hamill wants the last laugh.

The actor, who’s voiced the Joker since 1992’s “Batman: The Animated Series,” released another recording on Saturday of himself reading Donald Trump’s tweets in the voice of the cartoon villain.

“Am I the ONLY one man enough to confront this #OverratedFlunkyLoser without resorting to an ad hominem assault?” Hamill tweeted with a link to the audio.

Hamill’s tweets of choice? The ones Trump rattled off after the Golden Globes which said that, “Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t know me but attacked last night at the Golden Globes.” He also called her “a Hillary flunky who lost big.”

Steep gave a speech while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award during the ceremony that prompted the attack. While she did not mention him by name, Streep denounced Trump’s “instinct to humiliate” and referenced the time he mimicked a disabled reporter during a campaign rally.

Hamill hit the recording studio last week as well to wish everyone a Happy New Year a la Trump as the Joker. “With a little help… Got the app to send out my 1st soundbite,” he tweeted last Saturday. “Stay tuned for I am #TheTrumpster.” Chances are there will be more dramatic readings to come.

Listen to the recordings of Hamill’s Joker as Trump below:

Hamill recorded the first iteration after Matt Oswalt retweeted Trump with the caption, “this sounds like something the Joker would say right before releasing a swarm of killer bees into Gotham.”