Machinima now has a linear-TV-style channel on Twitch, the Amazon-owned social-video platform focused on live video-game broadcasting and culture.

Machinima, a division of Warner Bros. Digital Networks, launched the ad-supported 24-hour channel on Twitch (at twitch.tv/machinima) on Wednesday. At launch, the channel features gaming, fandom and animation content culled from Machinima’s existing original productions, including videos from “Body Count Fighting” and “Mega Man Dies at the End.”

In addition, Machinima’s Twitch channel will include two hours of live programming every weekday, with shows including “VR Power Hour” (pictured above) and “Spacebar,” a talk show about news for nerds.

“Twitch is home to one of the largest and most loyal communities of fandom and gamer content in the world,” said Machinima senior VP and GM Russell Arons. “This new initiative with Twitch shows the power and appeal of the Machinima brand.”

The new channel builds on Twitch’s existing relationship with Machinima, said Jane Weedon, Twitch’s director of business development. “By making their videos available 24/7 with a constant influx of new content, it’s going to make their channel even more compelling for both new and existing fans,” she said.

The deal is part of Twitch’s efforts to expand video programming available on the platform through partnerships, branching beyond its popular live game-play broadcasts. Earlier this week, Cinedigm launched a 24-hour channel on Twitch for CONtv (at twitch.tv/contv), combining a slate of original programming with material from a digital catalog of over 2,800 films and TV titles spanning sci-fi, horror, fantasy, anime, cult, grindhouse and Comic-Con coverage.

New programming on Machinima’s Twitch channel includes: “VR Power Hour,” highlighting influencers and talent playing a variety of competitive virtual-reality games and checking out other VR experiences; “ETC Party Time,” in which ETC’s Ricky and Eliot play a combination of top video and table games with a rotating cast of influencers and friends; “Spacebar,” promising an in-depth breakdown of newsy nerdy nuggets; and “Games With Shibby,” with YouTube gamer and Machinima staffer Shibby2142 playing popular titles.

Repurposed content on the Twitch channel will come from “Body Count Fighting,” with tips on and match replays of fighting games; “Mega Man Dies at the End,” animated series following video-game character Mega Man in a quest to find his robot friend Roll; “NPC,” which tells the story of Mike, a non-playable character in the top role-playing game; and “League Bits,” animated shorts that poke fun at the day-to-day life and annoyances of the champions of multiplayer online battle arena games, loosely based on “League of Legends.”

Machinima’s distribution deal with Twitch builds on other pacts it has struck recently. Those include deals with Amazon Channels, Verizon’s Go90, Xumo, Comcast Watchable, the U.K.’s Sky, China’s Sohu, and Sony’s PlayStation Vue. According to Warner Bros. Digital Networks, Machinima reaches over 145 million viewers each month.

Warner Bros. acquired full control of Machinima in November 2016, after the studio had previously participated as an investor in two rounds of funding.