Laura Clery is taking her face-morphing routine to Snapchat with a new short-form sketch series for Comedy Central.

The internet comedian — who has more than 3.2 million Facebook followers and 1.3 million on Instagram — wrote, directed and stars in “The Laura Clery Project.” The three-episode show is slated to go live on Comedy Central’s Snapchat Discover channel Tuesday, and the cable network has an option to order more episodes.

In each of the 60- to 90-second sketches, Clery plays herself talking to three different characters, created using Snapchat-like facial filters: an insane, murderous baby; a bearded dude who aggressively hits on her during a study session; and a perverted, chain-smoking 70-year-old woman based on Clery’s real-life aunt.

“I use a lot of Snapchat filters in my comedy,” Clery said. “I thought it would be cool to do a show without any makeup or prosthetics.”

The twist: Clery wasn’t allowed to use Snapchat’s facial filters for the show for legal reasons, because Comedy Central has the option to distribute “The Laura Clery Project” on its own properties. Instead, the characters were created using CGI effects by post-production company Bubba’s Chop Shop, based in Van Nuys, Calif.

“We brought in a post-production team to create filters from scratch,” Clery said. “I basically had to send this post-production team pictures of what I wanted it to look like. I shot the stuff all as me, and they added this all in post.”

“The Laura Clery Project” Snapchat show will not include one of her most popular characters: Helen, a fat-faced, aggressively flirtatious woman who is constantly trying to get in the pants of Steven (played by Clery’s real-life husband).

Helen has her own show in Facebook’s recently launched Watch episodic video section, called “Help Helen Smash,” which currently has nearly 280,000 followers. Clery said she’s working to get investors to fund an animated series on Facebook based on the Helen character — which she hopes could turn into a half-hour show. “I want to get out a season of 90-second animated ‘Helen’ shows on Facebook, then I want to go to Netflix and say, ‘Let’s do a 22-minute show,'” she said.

Clery, 31, also is developing a Facebook show for another character, Pamela Pupkin, a healthy-living/cooking “expert” who will bring in real-world chefs and authors as guests — segments that quickly devolve into a train wreck. She and her team are in talks with Canvas Media Studios about producing the series. The comedian-actress-writer-director has garnered a 2017 Streamy Awards nomination for best comedy channel.

“I want to keep putting out shows on digital,” said Clery. “I’m not that interested in TV that much.”

Clery’s deal with Comedy Central for the Snapchat show was brokered by her manager, Larry Shapiro of Ensemble Digital Studios, and JR Satery of the Gersh Agency. Clery’s lawyer is Matt Wallerstein.