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“Extremely likable and non-threatening” celebrity Jack McBrayer knows he’s being a watched.

“We all know that the government is able to monitor us by hacking into our phones and TVs and computers,” he tells the camera in a Funny or Die video posted Thursday to promote the ACLU’s telethon that will stream March 31 via Facebook Live.

McBrayer, with the help of Jon Hamm, has determined to “leak” all of his “compromising information” before it can be used against him.

For example actors in Hollywood, he explains, are known to lie about their age. “I tell people I’m 43 years old,” McBrayer says. “But in reality, I’m a mannequin who came to life about ten years ago.”

“In fact, I animated him,” Hamm responds.

The banter continues, as Hamm shares that McBrayer’s genitals are “made of actual junk.” McBrayer also confesses to Hamm that he auditioned for “Mad Men.” Which part? Peggy Olson, naturally. At one point Hamm asks McBrayer how he landed his gig on “30 Rock.” “I got ’30 Rock’ because I have a polaroid of Lorne Michaels strangling some other Canadian by the river.”

“And that’s why we need the ACLU,” Hamm responds.

Tom Hanks, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Amy Poehler are among the notable celebs who will appear on Friday’s telethon.

Watch the video below: