Hulu’s new app is now live on Microsoft’s Xbox 360: The video service launched the revamped version of its app on the game console Tuesday, in turn also giving Xbox 360 owners the ability to subscribe to and access its live TV service.

The new app allows Hulu users to create up to six viewing profiles, complete with personalized video recommendations for each of them. The app comes with a onboarding procedure to personalize results from the get-go, and then learns over time from actual viewing behavior.

Hulu first launched the new app on the Xbox One, Apple TV, Chromecast and mobile devices in May. The company has since extended the experience to Fire TV devices, and plans to bring it to Roku and other smart TV platforms in the coming months.

Access to the new app is necessary to make use of Hulu’s live TV service, which has been in beta since its launch in May. The service offers live access to more than 50 channels, with availability of local broadcast programming varying by region. However, Xbox 360 owners can also opt to just use Hulu’s regular on-demand service, and not shell out $40 per month for live TV.