Quizz show app HQ Trivia is getting ready to expand to Android: HQ Trivia, which has been a hit on iPhones in recent months, will be publicly available for Android users on January 1, the company announced this week.

HQ Trivia had originally planned to expand to Android in time for the holidays, but ended up only releasing the Android app to a smaller subset of users as part of what the company called a limited beta test. “(We) are working quickly on patches, so we can continue to roll it out to more testers throughout the week. Our goal is to make it available to ALL by Jan. 1,” the company said in a tweet.

HQ Trivia currently broadcasts two 15-minute quiz shows every weekday, as well as one show per day on weekends. Each show consists of 12 multiple-choice questions, presented with a side of banter by comedian and host Scott Rogowsky.

Players who answer all 12 questions can win real cash — a promise that has helped to draw hundreds of thousands of players to the app. On Christmas Day, HQ Trivia reached a new record of 730,000 players, according to a company tweet.

HQ Trivia is being built by Intermedia Labs, a New York-based startup founded by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, two co-founders of the short-form video sharing platform Vine. Intermedia Labs originally launched the social live video streaming app Hype in 2016, but is now squarely focused on its quiz app.

Yusupov recently told Variety that he’s considering to monetize HQ Trivia through brand partnerships, but that the current focus is on growth — which the expansion to Android should kickstart further.