Disney doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break with hackers: The Dark Overlord, the hacker or hackers behind the leak of Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black,” issued a vague threat against ABC via Twitter on Friday, suggesting that they might release one of the broadcaster’s TV shows online.

“American Broadcasting Company may be up next, ladies and gentlemen,” the tweet read.


The Dark Overlord broke into the network of a Hollywood-based post-production company late last year, and initially tried to pressure that company to pay a ransom demand. When that failed, it instead took its demands directly to media companies, publicly threatening Netflix to leak the still-unreleased fifth season of “Orange Is the New Black.”

Netflix didn’t budge, and the hacker followed through by leaking the first 10 episodes of the show online. At the time, The Dark Overlord also claimed that it was able to obtain a number of shows from ABC, Fox, IFC, and other networks as part of the same hack.

A list of shows allegedly stolen by The Dark Overlord included ABC’s “The Catch” as well as the Disney Channel’s “Bunk’d.” ABC representatives didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday.

The new threat against ABC comes just a week after Disney apparently dodged a bullet with regards to another hacking threat. Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed last week that the studio had been approached by someone who threatened to release a stolen movie if the studio didn’t pay a ransom demand.

Speculations quickly arose that the movie in question could be “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” However, Disney decided not to give in to the threats, and the film premiered without leaks. The studio eventually concluded that the whole threat was a hoax, Iger said.