Google Ventures has tapped former Universal Studios home entertainment chief Craig Kornblau as its first-ever advisor in the media and entertainment space.

Alphabet’s venture-capital arm will look to Kornblau for consultation on potential investment opportunities, which currently range from Uber to Nest.

“Craig Kornblau is a master storyteller and consumer marketer, honed through his years of experience at NBC Universal and Disney,” said David Krane, CEO and managing partner at Google Ventures. “At the time when physical and digital businesses were beginning to converge, Craig forged sales and supply chain strategies that were game changers in the media industry. He is GV’s first advisor from the media and entertainment sector, and has a valuable set of skills to share with our portfolio.”

Kornblau ended a 16-year stint at Universal in 2014, when he exited his role as president of domestic home entertainment amid a restructuring at the Comcast-owned unit that saw Eddie Cunningham rise to the top post.