Google has acquired a part of Twitter — the part that isn’t about tweets, that is. Twitter’s mobile developer platform Fabric will become part of Google, both companies announced Wednesday. Financial details of the deals have not been disclosed.

The deal was announced Wednesday morning by Twitter’s senior director of product Jeff Seibert, who said that he won’t be staying with the team.

Fabric is a part of Twitter that’s lesser-known to consumers, but it has been hugely influential in the mobile app world. The platform offers app developers analytics, helps them to diagnose why their apps are crashing and provides tools for monetizing mobile apps, among other things.

Fabric is being used in varying capacity by companies including Spotify, BuzzFeed, Uber, Yelp, Square and more. Apps using fabric are installed on more than 2.5 billion mobile devices, Seibert said Wednesday.

If anything, the sale of Fabric to Google shows that Twitter is serious about increasing its focus. The company announced last fall that it would double down on a few key initiatives while discontinuing others. Soon after, it announced the closure of Vine, which shut down earlier this week.