GloZell Green, the YouTube-famous green-lipsticked comedian and new mom, is launching a high-energy online channel for preschoolers.

“GloBugz!”, combining live-action and animated segments with songs and educational content, is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions and PB&J Television. Green, whose videos boast nearly 1 billion views on YouTube, said she’s long dreamed of delving into kids’ content. The new channel, which has been in the works for more than a year, has special meaning for her now that she has an 11-month-old daughter.

“Moms are always looking for content that’s clean and fun — and that you don’t mind watching over and over,” GloZell said. “We wanted to do something where you’re learning, but you’re not getting hit over the head.”

“GloBugz!” will feature nursery-rhyme singalongs in both English and eventually Spanish; instructional “kid-splaining” videos on topics such as learning to jump rope; kid do-it-yourself projects; and an edutainment feature called “Top 5” focusing on words kids can learn in Japanese, Russian and American Sign Language. Producers say the channel will focus on educational foundations of literacy, science and math.

The channel is named after the appellation for her large fanbase — she counts nearly 5 million subscribers on her two YouTube channels — and the programming will feature animated lightning-bug characters.

GloZell Green (yes, that’s her actual name) said the inspiration for the channel comes from her mother, who recently retired as an elementary-school music teacher after 30 years in Orlando, Fla. “My mom is floored!” said GloZell. “She’s so proud. I always wanted to do a channel that incorporates songs for younger kids.”

“GloBugz!” will launch with 15 episodes, with new episodes rolling out weekly. Nidhi Handa, Green’s manager, said the channel will carry regular kid-appropriate ads via Google’s AdSense but that there will be no integrated advertisers in “GloBugz!” for now.

The cast of “GloBugz!” includes regular kids — not child actors. As a YouTuber, “I’m usually I’m working by myself,” GloZell said. “Kids do their own thing. We let them be real kids. You get an immediate response – if they don’t like the music, they don’t do it.”

She said she loves working with the “GloBugz!” kids, despite the fact that “there’s potty breaks every two seconds.” Her rules of thumb in working with the preschool set: don’t do too many takes; stay energized; and keep the camera rolling all the time “because a kid is going to say something you don’t expect, and it’s going to be gold.”

According to the channel’s producers, “GloBugz!” is the first original, celeb-branded children’s destination on YouTube and the YouTube Kids App. “We have a real opportunity to make fun learning available to millions of children and with talent who parents trust,” said Patty Ivins, head of PB&J Television.

Bunim/Murray, for its part, positioned “GloBugz!” as continuing its legacy of producing unique reality programming, which has included series “The Real World,” “Born This Way,” and “Bill Nye Saves the World.” GloZell “is one of the original breakout stars of YouTube,” Goldschein said. “The BMP brand is all about innovation and paving new paths in entertainment.”

“GloBugz!” is executive produced by GloZell Green, Gil Goldschein, Patty Ivins, and Nidhi Handa. It is launching with a dedicated YouTube channel (also available in the YouTube Kids app) with a website at globugzkids.com. “GloBugz!” content also will be promoted on Facebook and Instagram.

GloZell’s other channels include her main YouTube channel; the GloMamaG channel; and the show “Glo All In” about being a new mom, produced by Awesomeness’ Awestruck for Verizon’s Go90.

In addition to producing comedy and mom content, Green has also been an active political voice. She participated in an ad campaign for Hillary Clinton that ran just before the 2016 election. Two years ago GloZell was one of three YouTube stars invited to interview President Obama following his State of the Union address in 2015. “I couldn’t believe I was interviewing the president until I was sitting there and he sat down,” she said.

Watch a teaser trailer for “GloBugz!”: