Subscriptions to VOD services have surged 40% in France this year, driven mainly by Netflix.

In 2017, as much as 21% of Internet users subscribed to a VOD service, compared to 15% in 2016, according to a report compiled by analytics firm Mediametrie. The upward trend has been fueled by Netflix, followed by two local services, CanalPlay from Canal Plus Group and SFR Play from Altice. The report says that 44% of subscribers watch content on their streaming services every day, a 2% year-on-year increase.

In its study, Mediametrie found that 46% of subscribers use SVOD services primarily for the breadth and variety of content being offered on these services. The most-watched content category in France is live-action series, ahead of animated series and films.

Recent series hits on streaming services in France include “Stranger Things” (pictured) and “Narcos” on Netflix, as well as “Medici: Masters of Florence” and “Riviera” on SFR Play.

French users also value local content. Two thirds of SVOD users specifically chose French productions, according to Mediametrie.

Amazon Prime Video, which launched at the beginning of the year in France as part of its global roll-out, just acquired its first French series, “Black Spot,” from AB Group. Netflix, meanwhile, has been in France since September 2014 and has so far commissioned two seasons of “Marseille” and a first season of the upcoming sci-fi series “Osmosis.”