Did you get duped by Russia? Now there’s a tool that will let you know.

Facebook released a new tool Friday that lets users check whether they fell for propaganda accounts or pages linked to Russia’s attempts to undermine the 2016 election through its “Internet Research Agency.”

In addition, the tool also checks whether a user of Facebook’s Instagram service followed an Instagram account of the agency. Facebook first announced plans for the tool in November as part efforts to disclose the effect Russia’s efforts had on the company’s platform.

The Internet Research Agency published some 80,000 posts between early 2015 and mid-2017. The company also disclosed some 4000 ad buys by the group, and said that its post may have been seen by as many as 140 million people.

However, the tool released Friday won’t actually tell users whether they saw any of those ads. Instead, it only discloses whether a user liked or followed an account or page created by the Internet Research Agency.

Facebook committed to additional steps against misinformation on its platform in recent months. The company plans to hire an additional 1000 staffers to screen Facebook ads, and it wants to give users a way to easily review all the ads a campaign is running on its service, including the ones that wouldn’t target that specific user.