Facebook’s attempts to boost longer video clips on its platform are working, according to new data from social video publishing specialist Wochit. The data is based on an analysis of videos from over 200 publishers, including big names like CBS, NBC News and USA Today.

Videos that are longer than 90 seconds already see close to twice as much engagement as shorter videos, according to Wochit’s new Q3 Social Index Report. Consequently, publishers are increasingly releasing longer videos on Facebook, with videos lasting longer than 90 seconds growing by more than 24% quarter-over-quarter.

It’s worth pointing out that longer-form is a relative term in the Facebook universe: The social network’s policy to count every video auto-play that lasts 3 seconds or longer as a view initially led to many publishers embracing ultra-short clips.

Wochit report chart

However, things have been changing ever since Facebook announced earlier this year that it would tweak its newsfeed algorithms to put a bigger emphasis on longer videos. And with the introduction of midroll ads, publishers also have a growing financial incentive to go longer with the videos they produce for Facebook.

The result is that longer-form content has been growing continuously. In Q1 of 2017, only 11.2% of all videos posted by Wochit publishers lasted longer than 90 seconds. By Q2, that number had grown to 15.7%, only to further grow to 19.5% in Q3.

And those longer videos are also resonating with their audience. On average, videos lasting longer than 90 seconds are getting 78.8% more shares and 74.6% more likes than their shorter counterparts, according to Wochit.

Other highlights of the report:

  • Publishers are creating more and more video for Facebook. The average quarter-over-quarter output increase among the monitored publishers was 48.5% in Q3.
  • Square videos are shared 7 times as often as horizontal videos, but around 60% of all videos are still horizontal.
  • Audiences in Latin America engage with videos a lot more than their counterparts around the world, watching twice as many videos and sharing them close to 4 times as often on average.

Wochit helps publishers produce videos for and then share them on Facebook. The data of its quarterly reports is self-selective, as the company is looking at the more than 200 customers of its service. However, with over 10,000 videos posted to date and close to 850 million views in Q3 alone, Wochit’s data gives does offer an interesting look at what is popular with both publishers and audiences on Facebook.