Fantasy sports intrudes on every waking moment for ESPN pro-football reporter Adam Schefter — or, at least, that’s the conceit for FanDuel’s first original short-form series.

Schefter, who joined ESPN as an NFL Insider in August 2009, stars in FanDuel comedic series “A Day in the Life,” debuting Wednesday. The four-episode scripted series shows how fantasy football affects every part of his life — even on his days off.

In the first segment (watch below), shot at Schefter’s actual house, he signs for a package from a delivery man — who holds the parcel hostage until Schefter divulges some fantasy picks. In others he gets a haircut at his real-life barbershop and gets a call about test results from a doctor (who, for the record, is not his real doctor). While Schefter doesn’t use the FanDuel product in the series, fantasy sports is the central theme.

With the series, daily sports-fantasy operator FanDuel is looking to tap into Schefter’s fantasy-sports notoriety and his social fanbase — with 6.9 million Twitter followers and more than 580,000 on Facebook — to pitch its brand, as a supplement to its other marketing initiatives.

“He literally invited us into his home,” said FanDuel senior director of operations Adam Kaplan. “We believe we can reach consumers just as effectively, and sometimes more effectively, with social video as compared with TV [advertising].”

The series will run on FanDuel’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels; each episode runs less than 60 seconds. “A Day in the Life: Adam Schefter” was produced by FanDuel in conjunction with New York-based production company Hangar Four.

For FanDuel, the series marks the first foray into original video production as it tries to stand out in the increasingly competitive daily sports-fantasy category, which lets users win actual cash prizes. The company plans to develop additional social content with top sports influencers.

Last year, FanDuel and its chief rival, DraftKings, announced a merger deal — but the companies scrapped the pact after the Federal Trade Commission said it would sue to block the tie-up. FanDuel’s investors include Time Warner, Google, NBC Sports Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Shamrock Capital Advisors and Piton Capital.

Watch the first episode of Schefter’s “A Day in the Life” series for FanDuel: