Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s latest role: Apple pitchman.

The prolific action and comedy star is featured in a new ad for Siri, the tech giant’s voice-activated personal assistant. The spot, “The Rock & Siri Dominate the Day,” spoofs Johnson’s multihyphenate persona — showing him as a chef, fresco painter, fashion designer, musician, jumbo-jet pilot, and bonsai artist.

Johnson hyped the ad on social media Sunday morning with characteristic hyperbole, calling it “the biggest, coolest, sexiest, funnest (is that a word?) movie ever.” That led some to assume that it was actually a feature-length film. It isn’t: The commercial, which dropped Sunday evening on Apple’s YouTube channel and website is a three-minute, 45-second short.

The spot promotes Siri’s integration with FaceTime, iTunes playlists, and car-ride service Lyft (Johnson tells the driver: “Mind if I drive? I know a shortcut”). Among other things, The Rock also uses Siri to read his email, take a selfie, convert centiliters to ounces, review his “life goals” list, and check the weather in Rome (before he hijacks an Akron-bound plane and flies it to Italy).

The ad was the produced for Apple by Seven Bucks Productions, the company Johnson co-founded with Dany Garcia.

In his most recent big-screen turns, Johnson starred in Universal’s “The Fate of the Furious,” Disney’s “Moana” and Paramount’s “Baywatch” (which flopped at the box office this summer). To date, his films have grossed $8 billion worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo.

Watch “The Rock & Siri Dominate the Day”: