The gloves are off between Chelsea Handler and President Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr.

The two clashed on Monday over a tweet Handler posted about Eric and Lara Trump’s announcement that they are expecting a baby. “Just what we need. Another person with those jeans,” Handler tweeted on Monday. She tweeted a correction shortly after that she meant to type “genes.”

Trump Jr. reacted by posting a long-winded response, calling Handler out not only for her spelling mistake, but also for her “below the belt” attack on the pregnancy announcement.

“The liberal elite’s real hatred is hopefully starting to be apparent to mainstream America (both right and left). Their whole ‘party of tolerance’ nonsense only applies if you fully buy into their dogma,” Trump Jr. wrote, adding, “So much for the party of science,” in reference to Handler misspelling.

After unleashing a string of hashtags, including the “#fakenews” idea which is so popular with his father’s supporters, Trump Jr. concluded by congratulating his brother on the news: “BTW: Congrats Eric and Lara! See how easy that is? #tolerance #acceptance.”

Handler had originally posted about the pregnancy, and expressed her hope that the child would turn out to be a girl … turns out it’s a boy.

“I guess one of Donald Trump’s sons is expecting a new baby. Just what we need. Another person with those jeans. Let’s hope for a girl,” Handler, a comedian and outspoken critic of President Trump, tweeted.

“Sorry about the spelling mistake. I meant “genes,” not “jeans.” I’m a little stoned. What’s your excuse,” Handler later clarified.

See Donald Trump Jr.’s full tweet below: