Bose’s long-rumored headphones with Google Assistant are finally here: The audio equipment maker unveiled the new version of its QC35 noise-cancelling headphones Thursday, which feature a special button to summon Google’s cloud assistant.

The QC35 II, as the model is officially called, is being advertised as “optimized for Google Assistant,” for a reason: The headphones still need a Bluetooth connection to a compatible Android or iOS phone running the Google Assistant app to do most of the work.

There’s no Wifi connectivity built-in, which means the button won’t work if the phone runs out of juice. Then again, for most people, that’s likely also the point when they stop using their headphones, period.

The GC35 II with Google Assistant integration are being made available in U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany, France and the U.K., and will cost $350 stateside.

Google Assistant product manager Tomer Amarilio explained in a blog post Thursday that the QC35 II were only the starting point for a cooperation between Google and Bose, so we’ll likely see additional headphones optimized for the Assistant in the future.

We might even get an update on these kinds of accessories early next month, when Google is set to reveal its next-generation Pixel phones, as well as other Google-made hardware. Leaks have pointed to plans to also release a $49 Google Home Mini speaker at a press event scheduled for October 4.