Apple is going to hold its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) from June 5th to June 9th this year. WWDC is being used by Apple to introduce new software features to developers, and the company is also regularly previewing the latest versions of iOS, OSX and its other software platforms at the event.

WWDC typically doesn’t feature any hardware announcements; Apple tends to introduce the next version of the iPhone and other hardware at a separate press event in September. But new versions of its software occasionally reveal some hints at what’s in store for the company’s next-generation hardware, and how Apple is going to position its products in the market.

That’s especially true this time around for Apple TV. Apple is expected to introduce a new version of the streaming device that’s capable of playing 4K content at some point this year. But the company could also use WWDC to show us how it aims to catch up with competitors like Roku and Amazon, which have been gaining market share at the expense of Apple’s streaming box.

Bloomberg reported Thursday that Apple discarded a number of ideas before shipping the latest version of Apple TV, including previously-reported efforts to turn the streaming device into a full-blown replacement for traditional cable boxes.

Apple also looked into shipping the current Apple TV with 4K capabilities, according to Bloomberg, but eventually decided against it because it wanted to preserve its profit margins — a decision that may have hurt the device’s sales. Amazon’s Fire TV, which retails for $60 less than Apple TV, does support 4K video playback.

With WWDC, Apple is also taking a cue in other matters from some of its competitors: The company will hold its developer conference in San Jose, California, after inviting developers and journalists to San Francisco in recent years. Google moved its own developer conference from San Francisco to Mountain View last year, and Facebook is also relocating f8 from San Francisco to San Jose this year.