Apple released a new version of its Final Cut Pro X video editing suite Thursday that adds support for 360-degree video as well as 8K and HDR. The Final Cut Pro X 10.4 software update was released alongside the new iMac Pro, which Apple first announced at its WWDC conference in June.

The new version allows video editors to work on their 2D or 3D 360-degree videos, and export them to sites supporting these formats, including YouTube and Vimeo. Final Cut Pro X users can also preview their 360-degree videos with a connected HTC Vive VR headset.

However, working with a VR headset requires powerful hardware. The new iMac Pro is capable of running VR natively. Owners of older hardware, or Macbooks, will have to buy external processing units from third-party vendors to add some compute power to their machines.

In addition to VR, Final Cut Pro X also added support for HDR with a new color grading tool, as well as the ability to edit 8K videos in full resolution — a first for Apple computers.

Apple first introduced Final Cut Pro X in 2011 as a completely revamped version of its Final Cut Pro video editing suite. Some video editors initially resisted the design changes, likening it to iMovie. However, on Thursday, Apple said that Final Cut Pro X is now the most popular version of the software ever, and that it has sold more than 2 million licenses.