Amazon is adding voice control to everything — including its music apps. The company added support for its voice-activated Alexa assistant to its Android and iOS apps Tuesday, allowing users to ask for songs or access simple control functionality with voice commands.

The Alexa integration makes it possible for users to not just request music by song or album title, but also by lyrics, genre, time period or even mood. Amazon has also curated playlists for certain activities including work-outs, studying and more.

Alexa was launched for Amazon Music in the US, the U.K., Germany and Austria Tuesday. Users simply have to update their app to access the new functionality. Voice integration is also available on Fire Tablets and Fire TV devices.

Amazon Music and Alexa have also long been working together on Amazon’s Echo family of smart speakers. In fact, the Echo in many ways informed how amazon thinks about its music service, said Amazon’s global head of programming and content strategy Alex Luke during Variety’s recent Entertainment and Technology Summit.

“This focus on voice is where we have all our energy and resources planted,” he said. Luke went on to explain that his team tries to figure out how people may ask for music differently when they use their voice, as opposed to a visual interface.

“We try to contemplate every way a consumer might ask Alexa or Echo for music,” Luke said. “Voice is a huge inflection for music.”