Amazon is financing production of three Funny Or Die comedy shorts, to be available exclusively worldwide on Prime Video.

The trio of FOD projects come to the ecommerce giant through its Amazon Video Direct program, which gives creators, studios and distributors different options for distributing content on Amazon’s video platforms. The deal marks the first time that AVD is investing in the development of original, exclusive partner content.

Under the partnership, Prime Video will debut three new original FOD shorts on Nov. 10:

  • “Lovebirds” (pictured above): Written and directed by Ahamed Weinberg (“Comedy Bang! Bang!”, “Quincy Jones: Burning the Light”), the short film tells the story of a lonely young man who buys a bird feeder to attract birds to the window of his studio apartment. After that doesn’t work, he’s forced to fall in love with a woman in his apartment complex.
  • “The Jury”: Written and directed by Anna Kerrigan (“Hot Seat,” web series “The Impossibilities”), it brings viewers into a roomful of bored strangers called for jury duty awaiting their assignments, when a mysterious, foul odor unites — and then threatens to divide — them in a quest to find the source.
  • “Soojung Dreams of Fiji”: Documentary satire written by SJ Son and directed by Hye Yun Park about first-generation Korean-American Soojung Yoon, a renowned nail salon owner, who elevates her craft to an art form — an unexpected profession that puts her into conflict with her immigrant mother.

FOD initially experimented with distributing titles on Amazon Video Direct including ““Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis” and “The Very Best of Will Ferrell.” This July, Funny Or Die exclusively premiered Justin Long’s series “The Real Stephen Blatt” on AVD.

“We have had great success with showcasing our content on Prime Video through Amazon Video Direct,” said Brian Toombs, VP of partner content for Funny Or Die. “Our comedy has really resonated with the Amazon audience and we look forward to showcasing these original shorts on the service.”

Amazon Video Direct, launched in 2016, provides four options to content owners. They can make their content available: in Prime Video at no additional charge to Prime members; as an add-on subscription to Prime Video; for a one-time rental or a one-time purchase price; or available to all Amazon customers on an ad-supported basis. The new FOD shorts will be distributed on Prime Video globally.

Funny Or Die was founded 10 years ago by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy as a comedy website destination. The company, whose investors include CAA and AMC Networks, has increasingly branched into TV and film projects. That’s included several projects with AMC, including a weekly short-form comedy block on IFC, “Funny or Die TV.”