Rumors about Amazon’s plans to build an Echo speaker with an integrated display have been swirling around for some time. Now, we might have a first idea of how this device is actually going to look like, courtesy of AFTVNews.

The Amazon hardware news site was able to unearth what looks like a small preview image of the device, showing a black speaker with an integrated tablet-sized display placed with an upwards angle.

This would make it possible to still use the screen standing up if it was placed on a kitchen counter — but from the looks of it, there’s also a possibility that it could be placed horizontally as well, in which case the speaker would sit atop of the screen.

AFTVNews is reporting that the device is internally being called Knight, and that it could be released before the end of the month. Rumors about such a device had been circulating for many months, and Bloomberg reported last November that Amazon may release it as early as during the first quarter.

Amazon has been looking to diversify its line-up of devices capable of querying its cloud-based Alexa digital assistant. Not only has the company struck partnerships with a number of manufacturers to add Alexa to all kinds of third-party hardware, but it also introduced a camera with Alexa integration last month. That device, dubbed the Echo Look, is not only supposed to deliver the same features as a regular Echo speaker, but also help consumers with their daily outfit choices.