Two years after banning the product from its online store, Amazon began selling Apple’s Apple TV streaming box again Wednesday — but don’t look now if you want to buy one: The company sold out of Apple TV 4K models within hours, and now lists the product as “temporarily out of stock,” as Engadget was first to notice.

Amazon removed Apple’s streaming device, as well as Google’s Chromecast streaming adapter, from its store in late 2015 amid increased competition in the video space. The company struck an agreement with Apple earlier this summer, and brought its Amazon Video app to Apple TV two weeks ago.

Resolving the conflict between Amazon and Google hasn’t been quite as easy. The long-simmering spat between the two companies escalated this fall when Google blocked Amazon’s Echo Show device from accessing YouTube videos. That prompted a cat-and-mouse game of workarounds and further blockings, as well as a fair share of public shaming from both sides.

However, just last week, Amazon began to once again list Google’s Chromecast, albeit as “temporarily unavailable.” The company said at the time that it was having “productive discussions” about resolving its differences with Google.