Talpa Holding has bought out the remaining 67% of the Netherlands’ SBS Broadcasting from Finland’s Sanoma, giving Talpa complete ownership of the Dutch TV group.

The deal gives Talpa, which previously held 33% of SBS, full ownership of the television channels SBS6, NET5, Veronica and SBS9. It also allows Talpa, which was founded by John de Mol, to become a Dutch multimedia company with a strong presence in TV, radio, print and online.

Under the deal, which has yet to receive regulatory approval, Talpa’s stake in the TV guide business “Veronica Uitgeverij” will be sold to Sanoma.

“I strongly believe in a strong Dutch multimedia company that is flexible enough to respond to the changing media landscape, which is primarily a consequence of rapid technological developments,” De Mol said. “SBS is a unique media asset which will be a key link in the new multimedia company. Access to innovative content and other platforms will be an important addition.”

Pim Schmitz, CEO of Talpa Holding, said the company will focus next “on further investments in OTT, Print, Online, Data and Concepts.”

Talpa Holding also incorporates Talpa Radio, the largest music entertainment company in the Netherlands, which comprises the channels 538, Radio 10, Sky Radio and Radio Veronica.

Talpa Media, the separate production company that created “Big Brother,” “Deal or No Deal” and “The Voice,” was acquired by ITV in March 2015 for $1.17 billion.