French teen-icon-turned-actor Kev Adams, American YouTube star DeStorm Power and model Sarah McDaniel are set to star in “Superhigh,” a mobile-native series produced by the Paris-based company My Family & Together Media II for Blackpills, the digital media company specializing in short scripted content.

Written by Edouard Pluvieux (“Amis publics”), “Superhigh” stars Adams as David, a young man who finds himself heartbroken in Los Angeles and decides to cheer himself up with some fine grown weed. And he quickly discovers that the weed works like magic after he gets arrested by police.

“Superhigh” is produced in partnership with Paolo Moreno’s Influencer Studios. The series is scheduled to roll out on Blackpills in June.

Founded last year by Daniel Marhely, the co-founder of Deezer, and Patrick Holzman, the former VP of Canal Plus international executive, Blackpills is developing a flurry of ambitious digital-native short-format series with emerging and well-seasoned writers, directors and actors from around the world, aiming to reach global millennial audiences.

Blackpills has offices in Los Angeles, Paris, and Tel Aviv, and is set for a public launch within the next few months.

Adams, who has starred in some of France’s most mainstream franchise-based comedies such as “Les Profs” and “Aladin,” has recently started lining up meatier roles, notably in Christian Duguay’s “Un sac de billes” which was just released in France.

DeStorm Power has starred in various shorts and short-format series, including “Epic Rap Battles of History.”

The series will mark the acting debut of McDaniel, who is also attached to star in Eddie Alcazar’s thriller “Puberty.”