The CEO of Venezuelan media giant Cisneros has joined the board of analytics firm Parrot, which has set out to change the way demand for TV programming is measured. Adriana Cisneros joins the likes of former Sony Pictures Entertainment president David Bishop on the board of the tech company, which has offices in the U.S., Australasia, and the U.K.

Parrot measures engagement through “demand expressions” across a range of traditional and digital platforms, including peer-to-peer services. This allows for the measurement of series including those from SVOD giants Amazon and Netflix, which are so notoriously secretive about their viewing statistics that they do not even share them with talent and program makers.

Parrot’s system has been adopted by traditional broadcasters and digital services, as well as distributors who use the data as a sales tool. Its next-generation metrics come as large media companies including Discovery and Sky bemoan the lack of data that truly capture how modern viewers watch TV content.

“Over the past year or so, it has become abundantly clear to me that our conventional ways of measuring the popularity of content are vastly outdated and deficient,” Cisneros said. “I made some sweeping changes within my own company to change our processes and, in so doing, became fascinated with big data analytics. Parrot Analytics’ global demand measurement system is at the forefront of a widespread shift in our industry to more accurately gauge demand for content.”

Cisneros will join Parrot CEO and founder Wared Seger and board director and former AMC international boss Bruce Tuchman for a presentation on audience-demand measurement at the NATPE conference in Miami, in January.

Speaking about Cisneros joining the board, Seger said: “We are operating at the intersection of media, technology and data science, and I’m most excited by Adriana’s intellectual firepower as we continue to guide the global industry through bleeding-edge developments.”